World Premature Day on Nov 17
Let us consider all those brave warriors who fought their fight within the walls of neonatology. One has grown up, the other has lost his / her battle between those walls, the other is still fighting .. All unique miracles with a will .. a will to survive .. Worldwide, 1 in 10 children becomes too early born. The aim of this day is to draw attention to (research into) the most optimal treatment for premature children.



Day of the Incubators on May 1st
Every day 48 children are born too early, too small and / or seriously ill.
Every day, parents end up on an unknown, horrible roller coaster that never stops.
Every day 3 children die from the consequences of premature birth.
Every day families fall apart and parents lose their jobs because of the situation they find themselves in.
Every day ........ Is it a Prematurday.
To create more understanding, worldwide attention will be given to the incubator parents on 1 May.


The symbols below in the colors pink / blue represent premature birth and / or the loss of a child.

The purple ribbon or the Purple Ribbon is the symbol for everything that has to do with prematurity. Wear it to show that you want to highlight prematurity and that you are somehow connected to this topic!

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